Farm Management

From consultation for your farm to complete farm management I can customize an agenda to fit your farm. Row crop, livestock or hunting farm I offer innovative practices to maximize your profits and continue to make improvements to your property while you own it.

  • Locating responsible farmer-tenants
  • Negotiating crop-leases
  • Collecting all signatures to make leases effective
  • Regular communication with owner(s)
  • Analyze Government programs
  • Run regular soil test to insure proper soil nutrients
  • Frequent farm visits
  • Communication with farmer-tenants
  • Getting bids on work to be performed
  • Marketing grain and livestock
  • Planning a crop rotation
  • Crop insurance options
  • Identify problems affecting production
  • Collecting rents/payments
  • Receiving and paying bills
  • Receive competitive input cost
  • Make sure all work is done in a timely manner
  • Maintain home, building and other improvements
  • Manage wildlife habitat
  • Knowledge on seed, fertilizer and chemical options and application
  • Tracking crop yields
  • Keep inventory of commodities